YOLO Recruitment strongly believes that every person’s career path is personal.  We therefore take the time to understand YOUR personal plans and helping you achieve your career goals.

Our Consultants are professionals who work for the benefit of both our Candidates and Clients. This means that by sharing your information and requirements with us, you are assured to have access to a wider range of opportunities.

Once you have registered with us we will commence a job search whereby we will match your skills against a set of our Clients’ current requirements. We will endeavour to suggest a variety of roles that may be appropriate for you and continue to do so until you have secured a position.

Our dedicated Consultants will offer you advice on

  • The current job market
  • Writing your CV
  • Interview techniques
  • Salary levels
  • Company Information


Your YOLO Recruitment consultant will already have given you the basic information about the job (working hours, duties and responsibilities, salary and benefits) but you can always ask more questions. Before you get to the interview you may want to know more about:

  • Reporting relationships
  • Qualifications and skill levels required
  • Opportunities for personal development and training
  • Location
  • The Company



An interview is an opportunity to showcase your career to date and why you are right for that dream job!  Let YOLO Recruitment help you prepare…

No matter how qualified you are for a job, your personality and personal presentation will still count when your prospective Employer interviews you.  You can develop the skills required to approach your interview with confidence.

Before your interview, you will need to research:

  • What the company does
  • The scale of their operations (i.e. national company, local company, small business)
  • Reputation
  • Competitors
  • How long it has been in existence
  • Management culture
  • Staff turnover
  • Its current performance in its marketplace


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